Where is the best curry house in the North East? Have your say!

Curry Houses have long been a staple of British food culture, and it’s an industry that employs 100,000 people and generates £4.2bn in annual revenue. However, not all curries are created equal. We all have a favourite establishment for that Friday night Bhuna, but where in the North East can you find the perfect paneer?

Before Mrs Beeton and her book of homely recipes, Hannah Glasse ‘s 1747 ‘The Art of Cookery Made Plain’ took the English-speaking world by storm – especially with the first inclusion of a “curry” within a book of British recipes.

This makes the nation’s favourite dish about as old and as British as putting jelly in trifle, and it’s all thanks to North East Hexham-native Hannah. So, 250 years on, how do the region’s curry houses match up to their long history?

With plenty of well-loved and highly-reviewed restaurants hailing from the Indian subcontinent, like Whitley Bay’s Zamorin’s and Hexham’s Zyka, Geordies and other North Easterners have plenty of top-notch curry houses to pick from – but where can you find the best?