Having white or pale nails could be symptom of heart failure or liver disease

The human body is a miraculous entity in that it can often give a number of hints and symptoms indicating that something is not quite right.

From changes to skin texture to unusual sensations and nail changes; the clues are there.

Knowing what these changes may indicate is the first step to a healthier life and could potentially be lifesaving.

Changes in nails is a simple way to check your health and could indicate vitamin deficiencies, problems with your liver or a serious heart condition.

Health experts warn if spotting your nails turning to a paler or white colour, it should not be ignored.

Pale nails
While they can have many other causes, pale finger and toenails are a common sign of ageing, says health experts.

In one survey of patients over age 60, almost three in four had developed pale, dull nails.

However, pale nails can indicate more serious health problems in some individuals.

According to WebMD, very pale nails can sometimes be a sign of serious illness, such as:

Congestive heart failure
Liver disease

White nails
If the nails are mostly white, however, with darker rims, this can indicate liver problems, such as hepatitis.

Whole nail whitening is generally seen in cases of kidney problems, where there is protein deficiency in the body.

“White nails with a pink band at the top of the nail bed are called Terry’s nails, and they may signify a serious health condition,” says On Health.

The site added: “The white half-moon area at the base of your nail is called the lunula, Latin for “little moon.”

“With Terry’s nails, the lunula is indistinguishable from the rest of the nail and when this appears, it suggests your body’s veins have changed beneath your nail.”

Although Terry’s nails may suggest a serious condition, it can also appear in seniors as a normal part of aging

Speak with your doctor if you notice any changes to the colour of your nails, especially if you have any known history of a heart or liver condition.

Congestive heart failure occurs when the ventricular chambers of the heart no longer pump blood as well as they should.

This is typically the result of the heart either becoming too stiff, or becoming damaged from another underlying condition.

According to one study published in the Indian Journal of Dermatology, the colour change in your nails is caused by “reduced vascularity” resulting from the heart’s inability to pump blood effectively, as well as an “overgrowth of connective tissue.”